Coaching for Non Competetive Age Groups

Quay Celtic have appointed Stephen Mc Donnell as head coach for the club. The coaching schedule will start with all Non Competetive age groups for the remainder of this season.The coaching sessions will be structured ,high energy and fun .All coaching sessions will be taken by the existing Coaches and Manager and overseen by Stephen.
The times for the Sessions are below and will not change for the remainder of the Season.

Saturday morning: 10am – 11 am 6,7,8 year olds
11am – 12pm 9-10 year olds

Monday evening: 6pm – 7pm 11 year olds
7pm – 8pm week 1: 12year old
week 2: 13 year old
week 3: 14 year old
week 4: 15 year old
week 5: 16 year old
week 6: 17 year old